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Jai International, Plastic Granules manufacturing industry running a successful industry since 2008. We are providing the best service from eleven years. We are the leading brand of Plastic Granules. Jai International specialise in PP Black Granules, PP Colour Granules, LD Granules. We manufacture the highest quality products. Our Black PP Granule in Delhi serve in the most industries.

We know the importance of Plastic, so we recycle for future. We reprocessed the Black PP Granules and also Coloured PP Dana in Bawana Delhi and LD Dana, ABS Granules.

As a leading supplier of Plastic Granules in Delhi, Jai International earned a good reputation over the years. We are offering a premium quality of Plastic Granules. We worked very hard to stay on top since 2008. We are the leading plastic dana manufacturing industry in Bawana Delhi. We worked over the years and kept our efforts consistently invested in making a premium quality product. We provide most prominent Black PP Dana in Bawana Delhi.

With the use of Modern techniques we make recycle plastic granules. We offer the products of plastic Granules/Plastic Dana – PP Black Dana, PP Colour Dana, LD Dana. We provide Black PP Dana in Delhi to many industrialists which use for further processing. Jai International provide perfect finishing to the products. Get the best deal for Colourd PP Dana, LD Dana, Black PP Dana. Black PP Granules in Bawana Delhi.

“We recycle for future.”

Best Plastic Granules manufacturer in Bawana Delhi

Best Quality Products

Best Quality Products

Jai International provide high premium quality products leading the way with new solutions which promotes customer satisfaction.

Trusted Brand

Trusted Brand

Jai International is the largest and fastest growing industry. Jai International has earned reputation over the years and become the leading trusted brand in Plastic Manufacturing industry. We are the top plastic granules supplier in Delhi.



Jai International assure the clients to deliver the goods on time. We are the plastic dana suppliers, time delivery of consignment is our main concern.


We Jai International produce highest quality product in Bawana Delhi. We recycling Plastic Granuels for the Future.


We recycle for the betterment of Future. We are the Jai International - Leading the way in the Plastic Granule Industry.

plastic granules for Automobile industry

Jai International is the most trusted firm, We serve the premium quality products to the Automobile Industry. We are the leading plastic Granules supplier in Bawana Delhi. PP Plastic granules used in the automotive bumpers, chemical tanks, cable insulation. Plastics are lighter than the metals. Plastics make the car lighter and that saves gas. Our Plastic granules used in the Automobile industry.

plastic granules for toy industry

We provide high quality range of Coloured Plastic Granules in Delhi. Our Clients use our plastic granules in Toy Industry, as Plastics are easy to mould, affordable cost. One of the benefit of using plastic granules in toy industry is the possibility of producing complex forms. The main component used in toys is Plastic(PP Granules, LD Granules, ABS Granules).

plastic granules for household industry

We are the leading plastic granules manufacturer in Bawana Delhi, supplies our plastic granules to the household industry. Plastics are easy to mold, flame resistance and used in making Containers, Hanger, Brush, Jug, Glass, Comb, etc. We are the plastic granules supplier in Delhi. Our Plastic granules used in the Household industry.

plastic granules for acp panels

We provide the platic granules for ACP Panels.We produce from the A to Z plastic Granules. We produce for the highest quality used in the production of composite panels. We coat the aluminium. We are the best plastic Granules in Bawana Delhi. We supply our Plastic Granules in the ACP Panel Industry. Our Plastic Granules used in the ACP Panels.

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We offer the varieties of plastic dana of good quality.